Sure, Maroon 5 has hits, but that doesn't change the fact that they're almost TOO easy to hate on.

Not many expected the band's Super Bowl LIII halftime show to be good (in fact, the best moments from the show had nothing to do with Maroon 5 or Adam Levine), but here are the top cringeworthy moments from the halftime show.

Adam Levine's wardrobe -- and lack thereof

He started the show wearing a track suit and a long black coat, which means probably 90 percent of the people watching at home were dressed better than the man headlining the Super Bowl halftime show (pretty sure the holey sweatpants I'm wearing right now are more fashionable). Then he took off coat and jacket to reveal the world's worst tank top, and then he took THAT off to reveal the world's worst tattoos. And those chains? Oof. The track suit was somehow the best part of the outfit.

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"Sicko Mode" doesn't really work on TV

The show producers (sort of) gave the people what they wanted with that SpongeBob SquarePants "Sicko Mode" intro and Travis Scott flying in on a fiery meteor, but it went downhill from there. Which reminds us, we need to talk about...

...Travis Scott's weird belt

The leather vest? Cool. The utility belt? Uh, distracting to say the least. It looks like it should belong to a video game character to hold the many items you'll need on your quest. 

Spongebob intros@trvisXX during the#SuperBowl halftime show

— Hollywood Reporter (@THR)February 4, 2019

Big Boi without Andre 3000

Listen, we're gonna let Big Boi finish, but there's no Outkast without Andre 3000. And when the Atlanta rapper came on stage in a massive fur coat to perform "The Way You Move," it just left us a little wanting.

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Adam Levine in general

Maybe the performance would have been better if it was Maroon 4. From the aforementioned stripping to serious pitch issues to really bad dancing during Travis Scott's (entirely too brief) set, to a cringe-so-hard moment in which he asked the crowd, "Can I play guitar for you?" and the moment floating drone lanterns spelled out "One Love" in the sky while he performed "She Will Be Loved," the song you all danced to with your middle school crushes, it was just really, really, really rough. Better luck next year, NFL.