Peru State competitive dance tryouts set Sunday

Staff Writer
Syracuse Journal-Democrat

Newly-hired Peru State competitive dance coach Noah Roddy has identified Sunday, March 8, as the first tryout date for candidates for the 2020-21 dance team.

The tryouts will be held in the Al Wheeler Activity Center (AWAC) on the Peru State campus from 1 to 4 p.m.

For the tryouts, Coach Roddy will be doing a variety of assessments with the first part looking at including the following: chaines turns, pique turns, pirouettes (single, double, triple, quad), a la seconde turns, coupe turns, pencil turns, grand jete, saut de chat, toe touch, center leap, firebird, tilt jump, and herkie/hurdler jump.

In addition, Roddy will be assessing flexibility in certain moves such as in splits (left, right, and middle, leg holds (parallel and second, grand battements (parallel and second), scorpion hold, and bridges.

Acrobatic abilities in the following areas will be reviewed as well: front walkover, back walkover, headspring, front handspring, aerial cartwheel, front aerial, kip up, and kip up/rubberband.

Those attending the tryout will also learn an excerpt from collegiate pom and jazz routines.

Coach Roddy noted that he will be looking at individual skills at the time and understands that not everyone will possess all of the skills. He is confident that team members will have plenty of time to build the skills and techniques throughout the fall practices and prior to the competition season.

For more information about the tryout and/or to pre-register, please contact associate athletic director Ted L Harshbarger at or call at 402-872-2380.