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I am going to tell you a short story. I was on Palmyra side of 8 Road (Douglas Road) trying to get onto Hwy 2 westbound at about 7pm on Friday evening. When I checked traffic to the west all I could see was the sun. The sun was so bright, I couldn’t see very well. In the sun a vehicle and a semi truck were eastbound, if they hadn’t had their headlights on, I wouldn’t have seen them. When I was able to turn westbound on Hwy 2 I had a vehicle and semi truck in front of me. I totally lost them in the sun and had to slow down because I couldn’t see. PLEASE turn your headlights on, no matter the time of day or weather conditions! Safety before speed.

Congratulations to all the High School and Junior High School students for doing so well in their activity! I predict several students/teams state bound in their activity. Good Luck for the rest of your seasons.


Palmyra Senior Diners

By Jackie Thomson-Bremer

Site Manager

The Palmyra Senior Diners are thrilled with the bountiful vegetables being shared with them. Thank you isn’t enough!

If you qualify for meals, you can also qualify for meals over the weekend (to be picked up by Friday of the weekend needed). Contact Jackie for more information, 402-780-5606 from 10am – 2pm M-F.

Just a reminder, October 11 the Palmyra Senior Center will be closed for the holiday.