September Journey with Phyllis Buell

Syracuse Journal-Democrat

I’ve been thinking . . .

“Time” rules our life, doesn’t it?

Is it time yet?

What time is it?

You are behind the times!

The time has passed.

The correct time is now.

How will you pass all of the time while you wait?

Time passes so slowly while we wait for something important to happen in our lives. Then – when the time arrives for whatever we were waiting for – time goes by at the speed of sound!

I’ve been “filling” time, and wasting time – some of the time.

Time always tells. It’s high time.

The time has finally arrived for me to get moving. Literally!

It is amazing what I have accumulated in eight and a half years. It is “time” for me to head for Goodwill, and Bits and Pieces and push off on “the kids” everything I can before I physically move.

Now – time is flying. And - it is going to more difficult to leave than I thought it would.

Many of my friends and staff here are gone – one way or another.

There are still people I admire and care about. I will miss them. It will be difficult to say “goodbye.”

I really don’t “do” goodbyes very well, so I will just leave and then come back to visit them later.

Sometimes (there is that word again) I wish I was the kind of person that didn’t “care” quite so much. One of my special people fell this morning. Her sweet face is terribly bruised and she is in pain this evening. I “hurt” with her.

People that simply go on about their lives and don’t concern themselves about the feelings of anyone else seem to get along so well in this world.

They don’t give the time of day to concern themselves about others. I find myself wondering how they chose (or just fell into) this way of life. I probably won’t solve that problem so I won’t give it any more of my time.

These next few days will be busy, busy, busy until the move is complete and then maybe I can find the time rest.

Summer is going by so quickly. I am still wondering what happened to Spring. Life without a garden isn’t life according to me.

Some facilities here in Lilncoln are quarantining again due to new Covid outbreaks. Didn’t we just get over that time in our life?

Go away Covid and take all of your variants with you. You’ve taken up too much of my time!

County fairs, lots of outdoor celebrations and then the start of a new year of school. Maybe life will finally get back in some sort of a normal rhythm. Its high time for that to happen, isn’t it?

Enjoy each moment in our day and our life because time waits for no man – or woman!

If you have the time – think some good thoughts for me in this long anticipated move. I will appreciate them and “thanks” in advance.

Phyllis Buell, September Journeys