Unadilla News, 11-26

Barb Wilhelm

11-27, Library Open 9-11 a.m.

12-2 , Library Open 5-7 p.m.

Here’s hoping you had a fun and safe Thanksgiving. Hopefully your family has all been vaccinated and were able to travel. And now starts the Christmas frenzy; we know a lot will be purchased online. But, please remember to patronize your local businesses if you can. And, as you’re cleaning out those closets for places to hide those presents, remember you can donate those items at our hospital thrift shop in Syracuse. They are celebrating their 14th year! Besides giving those items new life, they also donate to those in need at our local schools. We appreciate what they do so much!

Have you been into the northwest part of Otoe County? A developer is building a huge lake there and we’re assuming a new housing development also. We also heard they are going to finish paving Old Cheney to meet up with paving near the golf course. Lincoln creeps closer!!!

A few years back our big cottonwood tree was struck by lightning and lost a lot of bark. Everyone told us to cut it down, but we thought it was around 100 years old and decided we’d give it a chance. Well, this year we noticed it was starting to rot at the bottom, and if the wind was in the right direction, it was tall enough and large enough, it could smash a good part of our house, so we had it taken down. The tree guys thought it was at least 87 years old. The whole operation except for grinding the stump, took about 5 hours. The stump measures 60 inches across at its widest point.

The annual craft fair held at the gym this weekend had to be a huge success. It was hard to get a parking spot within 2 blocks of the Community Center. Looking forward to next year.

New benches have been installed at the park. Especially handy are the ones near the playground.

Happy Birthday to: Jordan Long on 11-26, Danae Stoner on 11-27, Jodie West Valish on 12-1, and Jeremy Royal on 12-2. Happy Anniversary to Dale & Doni Stoner on 11-28.

Friday, 11-25-1921, The Otoe Union: A father and son banquet was held at the Methodist Church. F.L. Parker and George Rose closed their millinery shop for the winter. Parker went to California and Rose went to Florida. Clara Turre was the teacher at Maple Grove school. J.B. Pickett had pure bred Fox Terrier puppies for sale.

Stump measures 60 inches across.
Cottonwood tree