City Council Meeting

Veronica Barreto-Rosa, CherryRoad Media

The Syracuse City Council met on Nov. 10 at the Syracuse Public Library building to discuss things happening in the city, new ordinances, and to hear city officials’ reports.

Sheriff Caudill reported that there have not been happening a lot of incidents in the city. He said that the biggest thing happening was an intruder at the High School.

A man from Omaha, under the influence of controlled substances, entered the school and got arrested. No major actions had to be taken other than locking down classrooms.

Council members approved a motion for a $6,350 bid to reflooring park facilities and to improve bathrooms at Williams Park.

Jill Crook with Parks and Recreations said they got bids from three companies, but she suggested going for the least expensive.

Crook said that Parks and Recreations are going to be participating in the Tannebaum Festival. They will set up lights in the park and decorate them.

During the meeting, it also came up a discussion on replacing a fire truck. The last time the city purchased a fire truck was at least 22 years ago.

Councilmember Laramie Werner said that “it is a big price tag, but it’s worth it”. She said the city spent money on a lot of things, and replacing a fire truck is public safety.

The city also approved a motion for a job posting for additional utility workers. The hourly pay range will be from $18 to $21 an hour.

Jeff Vogt, with Public Works, said there is a lot of work that could be done, but they will need a new employee.

The next city council meeting will happen on Dec. 8.