Syracuse Dance Company provides small town opportunity

Kirt Manion
Syracuse Journal-Democrat

When Lindsey Bjork’s family moved to Syracuse, she was sad that the town did not have a dance company to continue her dance lessons. Many years later, she decided to open the Syracuse Dance Company.

Bjork grew up in Derby, Kan., and started her dancing career there at three years old. She took dance and gymnastics lessons. She moved to Syracuse when she was six.

Bjork had to travel to Omaha to take some dancing classes and Lincoln to get some gymnastic classes.

“As I got older and those opportunities arose, I was like...that would be really cool to start a dance company so that other kids had the opportunity to, maybe, find a home in the dance company, the way I did as a kid,” said Bjork.

In January 2018, Bjork decided to start the dance company located in 5th St after teaching at the fitness center. She said that she had so many students that she decided to open a new location to be able to offer classes to more kids.

The company offers tumbling and dance classes, and they also have a karate instructor.

Bjork calls it a hybrid class between jazz and ballet, but students learn techniques from different styles. Tumbling is a little bit like gymnastics but only using the floor skills, she said.

“My favorite of being a teacher is seeing their pure joy,” said Bjork about her experience with kids.

Kids can start taking classes as soon as they are three years old. Bjork said that they do not have an age limit and hopes to have an adult option soon.

For Karate, kids can enroll at four years old.

Right now, the dance company has 97 students from Syracuse, mainly,  but also from surrounding towns like Tecumseh and Palmyra.

Each class meets once a week for an hour class. Bjork teaches ten dances classes and four tumbling classes a week.

The Karate instructor meets with students five times a week.

Syracuse Dance Company has won,  for two years in a row, the Best of Otoe County award for best dance school. Bjork said they won the award because they have the most supportive parents.

The Dance Company will have an annual recital at the end of their season that runs from September to April. The recital’s theme is Royal and will be presented at the Elementary School on May 1.

Lindsey Bjork of the Syracuse Dance Company shows dresses used in former recitals.