Naval Academy visits Frontier

Submitted News

Frontier Cooperative in Syracuse hosted a visit from the United States Naval War College (USNWC) on October 18 and  and had the participation of Governor Pete Ricketts.

USNWC is an organization based in Rhode Island. The Naval War College is a graduate level professional development program designed for mid-career officers representing navies from around the world, including the U.S  Upon graduation, they earn a Naval War College diploma. A select group will earn a Master of Arts in Defense and Strategic Studies.

Frontier personal said there were over 30 countries represented and much of the discussion was about American agriculture and how sustainable it is.

The activity included a tour at Frontier installation to see the equipment, and to learn how our farmers are growing more with less, using technology to place the right seed, the right amount of nutrients and doing their part as an environmental steward of the land.

Frontier Coop teamed up with the Buchholz family of Syracuse for a farm tour. Special remarks were given by Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts, Director of the Nebraska Department of Agriculture Steve Wellman, Nebraska FFA State VP Gracie Schneider, and UNL’s Chancellor of Ag Mike Boehm.

After addressing the students, Ricketts received a combine ride from Jim Buchholz of Syracuse.

The event concluded with lunch and a tour of the Frontier Coop Ag Service Terminal in Syracuse.

Governor Combine 1 and 2: Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts received a combine ride from Jim Buchholz of Syracuse. The farm tour was a part of the Naval War College visit hosted by Frontier Cooperative.
Frontier Syracuse Facility Tour: Naval officers from over 30 countries toured the Frontier Coop Syracuse Ag Service Terminal as part of an agricultural day tour on October 18.
Naval War College: Frontier Cooperative and the Buchholz family welcomed the U.S. Naval War College to Syracuse on October 18. Men and women from over 30 different countries were given an on-site tour of a farm and the Frontier Syracuse Ag Service Terminal.
Buchholz Farm Tour: The Buchholz family of Syracuse helped host the U.S. Naval War College at their farm as part of an agricultural tour led by Frontier Cooperative. Pictured L to R: Leonard Buchholz, Letha Buchholz, Governor Pete Ricketts, Lee Buchholz, Jim Buchholz and Lisa Buchholz.