S-D-A superintendent back to where it all started

Veronica Barreto, Cherry Road Media

After more than two decades, David Kraus is back to where it all started, and he could not be happier  being back at Syracuse-Dunbar-Avoca.

Kraus started his career as a teacher in 1994. As a University of Kearney graduate with a K-12 art degree, he applied for a job as a substitute art teacher in Syracuse.

He lived in Lincoln and drove to work two part-time jobs in Syracuse and Nemaha Valley. Before becoming S-D-A Superintendent, Kraus career  involved stops in other Nebraska cities.

Kraus worked in Lincoln as a teacher, and then he moved back to Kearney to get a Principal Degree. He also taught in Sheldon.

He had his first job as a principal job in Wolbach. After two years there, he moved to Beatrice, where he was assistant middle school principal for 10 years.

While in Beatrice, he received his a degree that qualified him to be a superintendent. He got his first job as superintendent in Friend.

After six years in Friend, Kraus was offered the job at Syracuse.

“The adjustment has been great, everybody here in the school and the community had been very welcoming to us, very open to help. We’ve built a lot of friendships already. The kids have adjusted well. It's kind of how I remember it many many years ago, 27 years ago. Just a good supporting community,” said Kraus.

Kraus’ family are all part of the district’s schools. Nicole, his wife, also works in the school, and they have a child in the elementary school, one in the middle school,  and one in the high school.

Kraus said he is very transparent in his approach to leadership.

Down the road, he said he would hope to do a strategic planning session which would get all those people at the table to help identify maybe some of the opportunities for growth and scenarios of concern.

He said he plans to do that for next semester since he would like to know the community and have the community know him.

Pictured is S-D-A  Superintendent David Kraus.