Garden effort brings beauty to Syracuse

Kirt Manion
Syracuse Journal-Democrat

A community flower garden is going on in Syracuse 6th and Midland Streets, and groups of volunteers are coming together to make it happen.

Parks Manager, Jill Crook, said there was a home previously on the land that was considered a nuisance property and was taken down. The land was offered to be sold by the city, but they didn’t have lots of offers.

Because of the lot size, they decided to turn it into a green space within their Parks and Recreations Department.

Crook said the idea initially started with KC Ortiz, the former mayor, and he passed the project to her. Brianne Wilhelm drew up the blueprints based on original designs done by Crook and Tyler Collin.

Crook said the project is all based on donations and volunteers. “Things appear as the donations come in,” she said.

The Methodist Church approached the city to donate a pergola, and benches donated by families have been put in the garden.

Crook said Julie Zhaun has been a big part of the project. Zahn and others helped to plant all of the flowers and shrubs in and a tree was donated by Bob Brand.

The garden is one of the many projects for the beautification of the city.

“We are trying to start downtown revitalization where we can update the area,” said Crook.

Crook said the garden is getting closer, and they are also planning on adding more touches on the spring.

You can donate to help the project. Direct donations to the Syracuse Foundation at PO Box 41 Syracuse, NE 68446.

Pictured are the benches at Sixth and Midlands Streets.
Volunteers are planting in the gardening effort at Sixth and Midland.