Extension Office offers 4H projects, workshops to local youth

Veronica Barreto-Rosa
Syracuse Journal-Democrat

In an agricultural community like Syracuse, child leadership and skill development is of utmost importance to organizations like the Nebraska Extension Office in Otoe County. Workshops are one of the Extension's offerings for the children.

Even though the Extension focuses on 4-H youth development, the past workshops were open for all kids interested in the projects.

Last Friday, Oct. 15, the Extension Assistant Erin Steinhoff offered the workshop on learning how to make a Fall/Halloween theme mesh bubble wreath.

If the children would like to present a project like this at the fair, it would fall under the category of Home Environment.

Steinhof offered the workshop in Syracuse and Nebraska City. This week she will be bringing it to Palmyra and Skyview.

Steinhoff said that they try to have at least one workshop a month and they try to schedule them when there are no classes.

Leadership workshop


Following their mission to develop the skills they need to create positive change in their lives and communities, the Otoe County Extension Office also offered the Leadership Summit: Hike Your Leadership Trail for 6th graders.

The Leadership Summit is a new 4-H school enrichment program offered by Nebraska Extension in Otoe County.

In a press release, Steinhoff said “this program was developed to provide middle school students with a foundational knowledge of strengths-based leadership and leave them feeling empowered to share those strengths with others.”

“The nationally awarded Leadership Summit program taught and developed by Nebraska 4-H led the Syracuse students on a hiking-themed journey to leadership success. The full-day experience began with youth personality assessments and group work to process that information. Once the youth understood a little more about their strengths, they participated in a Leadership Discovery lesson to determine the skills, qualities, values, and beliefs of effective leaders. At midday, the hikers took a break to refuel with a pizza party to continue their hiking journey,” said Steinhof.

Steinhoff already offered the summit at Syracuse school and hopes to do it in other Otoe County schools.

For more information on 4-H in Otoe County, contact the Extension Office at 402-269-2301 or via email at otoe-county@unl.edu.

4-H member Molly Aernie poses with her Halloween mesh bubble wreath.
Syracuse students participate in the Leadership Summit.