Unadilla News, 10-15

Barb Wilhelm

10-15,  Otoe County Democrats mtg.

10-21,  Library Open 5-7 p.m.

10-23,  Library Open 9-11 a.m.

Bob Wilhelm has been contacted by Kermit Reisdorph of the Plattsmouth American Legion Post 56, who told him they came into possession of the cremains of Civil War Veteran, Venton Kinkead, who died in Washington State in 1916, and has yet to be interred. Mr. Kinkead was originally from Ohio but lived in Plattsmouth for some time and had children that attended the Plattsmouth schools. Kinkead then ended up in Washington. The Plattsmouth Post has decided to give Mr. Kinkead a proper military burial in the Plattsmouth Oak Hill Cemetery on October 30th, at noon. You may see news stories regarding this event as the burial date approaches. The public and other Legion and VFW Posts are invited to attend. They are expecting a large crowd, so if you’re planning on attending, you might want to go a little early.

Too early for snow you say? These are the past dates: 2017 – Oct. 31; 2018 – Oct. 14; 2019 – Oct. 28; and 2020 – Oct. 25.  Get out your shovels now!!! Remember: “It doesn’t count if you can’t track a cat in it.”

Sunday morning the Christian Church honored hometown son, Larry Stoner. Sharon Demaree read a sermon that Larry gave at church before he left for Vietnam. It was quite moving and brought back a lot of memories of that time. Thank you Sandi Kimbell for sharing the sermon and thank you Perry & Jessica Stoner for attending.

Covid is not the top story any more, but according to all sources, we are still losing over 1000 people a day from this horrible disease. Soon the flu will be upon us. Please take care and precautions.

Congratulations to Craig Kimbell, who won the Rain Contest at Nitty Gritty. The total for a 6 month period from April through September was 21.33”

Happy Birthday to Clayton Lewis and Tom Hruby on 10-15; Lori Vodicka on 10-16; Roman Conradi on 10-17; Marlene Neumeister on 10-18; Barry Brandt on 10-19; and Karen Hassler, John Schwartman, and Barbara Towle on 10-21. Happy Anniversary to Trevor & Sheena Snyder on 10-17 and Tom & Irene Rodaway on 10-18.

Friday, 10-14-1921, The Otoe Union: M.R. Stoner, Howard Stoner, and Carl Seeman, returned from a hunting trip in Custer County. They visited friends in Sargeant and Brewster. An extremely cold winter was predicted. The funeral of Barbara (Genzlinger) Goering, wife of Phillip Goering, Sr., was held at the Hopewell church.

Craig Kimbell wins the rain contest at Nitty Gritty Gas & Thrift.