Syracuse VFW Auxiliary Post

Submitted News

The VFW Auxiliary Post #5547 of Syracuse met on Tuesday, October 5, 2021 for their monthly meeting with five (5) members present and District 6/Department (State) Secretary/Treasurer Sandee Bellows of Pawnee City.

An invitation from the American Legion Auxiliary President Jenice Bates was discussed to participate in a Christmas Tree Display at the Syracuse Library. Members to come to next meeting with ideas for decoration.

Coloring contest information is being distributed at school.

Dates of the beginning of the branches of the service were read: Army, June 14, 1775; Marines, November 10, 1775; Navy, October 13, 1775; Air Force, September 18, 1947 which was begun as Army Air Force; Coast Guard, April 4, 1790; National Guard, December 13, 1636.

The POW/MIA Missing Man Table was put on display at the Dairy Chef in Syracuse and will be removed tomorrow.

Community Service Projects must be voted on before member’s hours can be claimed for reports; but, can participate between meetings and vote on at next meeting; OR, can vote on July 1 to participate and not vote again, which our organization did. Projects mentioned were Meals on Wheels, Food Pantry and Thrift Store. A member needs to wear a form of identification of the VFW Auxiliary when participating in these Projects; such as official VFW blouse, membership pin, earrings or any other form of VFW attire.

Department President Sharon Thorne’s homecoming at Table Creek Country Club, Nebraska City was a great occasion and well attended. National President Jean Hamil of Florida was also in attendance. President Thorne’s Special Project is “Buddy Check Across Nebraska” which is a gathering of veterans to share a meal and conversation about their experiences or their needs. There will be professionals included such as psychiatrists, psycologists, counselors etc. as special guests to assist with needs. There was $800 raised at the gathering for this project.

The next meeting will be held Tuesday, November 2, 2021 at 6:30 at the Post Home in Syracuse.