Open house marks new capability for Farmers Coop

Wendy Werner

Frontier Coop in Syracuse hosted an open house on Thursday, Sept. 23.  

The open house celebrated the completion of a terminal that will house liquid fertilizer, seed and chemicals.  Some of the amenities include a 24-hour bay, automated seed load and unload equipment, cold storage and heated storage and a repackage chemical system.

By the numbers, the additions included: 

1,300,000 gallons fertilizer storage in steel tanks

240,000 gallons fertilizer/water storage with room for growth of 120,000 additional gallons

12 – 8,667 gallon chemical tanks totaling 104,004 gallons of bulk chemical storage

4- 3,000 unit Schuld Seed tanks totaling 12,000 units of seed storage with room for growth of four additional 3,000 unit tanks.

The terminal has three water wells that provide a minimum of 150 gallons of water per minute.  The 24-hour bay features a card and PIN entry to get fertilizer, water and water conditioners.   The building also includes a shop that will enable machinery to be pulled in and readied for spring.

According to a handout provided by Frontier Coop, “the building will enable our team to serve our customers efficiently with the ability to pick up water, water conditioners, and fertilizer 24 hours a day, provide seed treatment, pickup, delivery and an efficient loadout for our custom application business utilizing all the resources Frontier Cooperative has to offer.”

Chief Executive Officer Jeremy Wilhelm said the liquid fertilizer facility was part of the overall plan at the Syracuse site.  “It’s about the storage and the speed in which we can load out.  The storage capacity gives us better buying power,” Wilhelm said.  “Being able to buy on the railroad and bulk in the numbers we do carries a discount,” Wilhelm added. 

Pictured are imon Ostrander, Syracuse Ag Advisor; Trent Bohling, Syracuse Grain Advisor; Craig Schultz, Chief Operating Officer; Rocky Weber, President of Nebraska Coop Council; and Jeremy Wilhelm, Chief Executive Officer.