Former Husker speaks at Otoe County schools

Courtesy of S-D-A School

Former Husker  Aaron Davis recently gave presentations to students at Otoe County schools.

The main themes of his presentation throughout Otoe County were:

Life goes quick, live with a sense of urgency - don't run through life, but enjoy it and get involved.

Don't stop Dreaming (Dream and Work Hard).  As we age, people don't dream like they were in kindergarten.  You should always have dreams even as an adult. 

Show me your friends and I will show you your future.

Friendships vs. Fakeships.

TEAM (Together Everyone Achieve More).

In life, don't focus on the setback, focus on the comeback.  When you are down, get back up.  

Aaron shared about his dream to become a Husker as a child to his current battle with prostate cancer.  Aaron had surgery 12 weeks ago to remove it. (He has a picture on Twitter)  He couldn't walk, shower or do anything on his own.  Life hit him hard.  He told the students that even he can get depressed and down.  Lean on your TEAM of nurses and friends because everyone needs help and together we achieve more.  He decided to get out of the bed when life hit him hard and focus on his comeback, not set back.

Here is a short YouTube video that summarizes his presentation at:

Aaron Davis was brought to four school districts through the United Against Violence / #bekind initiative which is made up of community members across Otoe County and led by CHI Health St. Mary's healthy communities work.

Former Husker Aaron Davis speaks during a visit to Syracuse-Dunbar-Avoca school.