State Fair Results

Syracuse Journal-Democrat

Included are Nebraska State Fair results involving Otoe County participants.

Aca Andrew – Intermediate Sheep Showmanship, Purple; Commercial Meat Breeding Ewe, Purple; and Commercial Meat Breeding Ewe, Red. Hadley Bakan – Conservation & Wildlife, Blue; Shooting Aid or Accessory, Purple; Floriculture, Red; and Horticulture, Blue. Addison Bates – Design Decision, Purple. Annalynn Beach – Intermediate Beef Showmanship, Purple; Chianina Breeding Heifer, Purple; Shorthorn Breeding Heifer, Champion Shorthorn Breeding Heifer; Purple; Shorthorn Market Beef Steer, Purple; Shorthorn Plus Breeding Heifer, Purple; Intermediate Swine Showmanship, Blue; Purebred Duroc Breeding Gilt, Purple; Crossbred Market Barrow, Blue; Crossbred Market Gilt, Blue; and Purebred Market Duroc, Blue. Abigail Bennie – Portfolio Pathways, Purple; and Sketchbook Crossroads, Purple. Bryn Boitnott - Food Preservation: Boiling Canning, Purple (2). Payton Brandt – Quilt Quest, Blue; and Cooking 201, Blue. Lauren Brehm – Portfolio Pathways, Blue; Quilt Quest, Blue; and Sketchbook Crossroads, Blue. Lexis Bruns-Morris – Design Decision, Blue (2); Cooking 401, Blue; Floriculture, Blue; and Horticulture, Blue. Cody Damme – Photography Unit III, Purple (2); Photography Unit III, Blue; Conservation & Wildlife, Blue; Horticulture, Purple; and Aerospace, Red. Ryan Damme – Design Decisions, Purple; Horticulture, Purple; and Aerospace, Blue. Jenna Dirkschneider – Dog Obedience: Graduate Novice, Purple; Grand Champion Obedience Advanced Graduate Novice Dog; Grand Champion Obedience Graduate Novice Dog; Grand Champion Rally Level 3 Dog; Senior Dog Showmanship, Purple; Senior Dog Skillathon, Purple; and Dog Rally: Rally 3, Purple (2). Emily Frey – STEAM Clothing 3, Blue. Taylor Griepenstroh – Quilt Quest, Blue; and STEAM Clothing 2, Purple. Liatris Hay – Design Decisions, Purple; Special Agronomy Project, Purple; and Wood Science. Blue. Jacob Hippen – Cooking 201, Purple; Cooking 301, Purple (2); Cooking 401, Purple; Horticulture, Purple; Horticulture, Red; and Horticulture, Blue. John Hippen – Cooking 301, Purple; Cooking 401, Purple; Culinary Challenge, Purple; Grand Champion Culinary Challenge; Horticulture, Blue (2); Horticulture, Purple; Horticulture, Red; and Wood Science, Purple. Bryson Jones – Angus Breeding Heifer, Blue. Treyton Jones – Angus Breeding Heifer, Purple. Emma Kirchhoff – Cooking 201, Purple. Hailey Kirchhoff – Cooking 201, Blue; and Cooking 301, Purple. Ryan Kirchhoff – Cooking 201, Purple. Jolie Kreifels – General Foods. Red. Justus Kreifels – Special Agronomy Project, Purple. Kaden Knake – Design Decision, Blue; Portfolio Pathways, Red; and 3-D Printing, Blue. Kirsten Knake – Heritage Level I: Beginning, Blue; Cooking 401, Blue; and 3-D Printing, Blue. Gavyn Kraeger – Entomology: First Year, Red. Andrew Lovelace – Harvesting Equipment, Purple; Horticulture, Blue (3); Horticulture, Red; Intermediate Poultry Showmanship, Blue; and Poultry, Blue (2). Timothy Lovelace – Harvesting Equipment, Purple; Cooking 201, Blue; Horticulture, Blue (2); Horticulture, White; Horticulture, Red; Senior Poultry Showmanship, Blue; and Poultry Blue (3). Brooke McCown – Design Decision, Purple. Taylor Mead – Fashion Show, Purple; Quilt Quest, Blue; Shopping in Style, Blue; Cooking 201, Blue; and Cooking 201, Purple. Kellie Mize – Food Preservation: Boiling Canning, Purple. Brooke Parsons – Heritage Level I: Beginning, Blue. Dietric Pfeiffer – Cooking 201, Purple; and 3-D Printing, Blue. Maggie Roberts – Cooking 401, Purple; Wood Science. Blue; Intermediate Sheep Showmanship, Red; AOB Meat Breeding Ewe, Red; Southdown Breeding Ewe, Red; and Crossbred Market Lamb, Red. Westleigh Santema – Human Development, Purple (2); and Robotics, Purple. Charles Simon – Horticulture, Blue (2); Horticulture, Red (2); and Aerospace, Blue. William Simon – Cooking 301, Red; Horticulture, Red (2); Horticulture, Blue (2); and Aerospace, Blue. Tristan Sisco – Intermediate Swine Showmanship, Blue; and Purebred Berkshire Market Swine, Blue. Daisa Smidt – Heritage Level II: Advanced, Purple. Maci Smidt – Heritage Level I: Beginning, Blue; and Portfolio Pathways, Blue. Reese Stubbendick – Senior Beef Showmanship, Purple; and Crossbred Market Steer, Purple. Aubree Tuxhorn – Quilt Quest, Blue. Emily Van Meter – Cooking 301, Blue; Floriculture, Purple; and Horticulture, Red. Lydia Van Meter – Cooking 201, Purple; and Horticulture, Blue. Aiden Velazco – Intermediate Swine Showmanship, Blue; and Crossbred Market Barrow, Blue. Diego Velazco – Intermediate Swine Showmanship, Purple; and Crossbred Market Gilt, Blue. Clifford Wagner – Quilt Quest, Blue. Cosette Wagner – Dog Agility: Level 3, White; Intermediate Dog Showmanship, Blue; and Dog Rally: Beginning Rally, Purple. Jayden Walker – Knitting, Red; and Conservation & Wildlife, Blue. Rilynn Whitney – Design Decisions, Blue; Cooking 201, Purple; Horticulture, Red (2); and Horticulture, Blue. Jacob Wood – STEAM Clothing: Beyond the Needle, Blue; Sketchbook Crossroads, Blue; Entomology, Purple; and Food Preservation: Boiling Canning, Purple. Madeline Wood – Portfolio Pathways, Purple; Sketchbook Crossroads, Blue; Food Preservation: Drying, Purple; and Food Preservation: Drying, Blue. Sydney Wood – Portfolio Pathways, Blue; and Cooking 301, Purple.