Unadilla News, 9-17

Syracuse Journal-Democrat

The Unadilla Community Library has purchased the book “Yards After Contact” written by Andrew Hoffman. It is the inspiring story of “the run” and the fight against pediatric cancer. Proceeds from the sale of the book help support the fight.  Stop in and check it out.

Get well wishes to everyone who has been ill or in the hospital. Unfortunately we are still dealing with corona virus after all this time. Please folks, wear a mask, and get vaccinated! It’s sad that we don’t have better reporting on the actual statistics.

Did you know Nebraska has aquifers below it? If poured over the surface of the state, the water would be 37.9 feet deep. The state has nearly 10,000 registered and active wells; 445 of cropland harvested is irrigated.

Happy Birthday to Nathan Kimbell on 9-17, Jill Stanberry and Mitchell Kimbell on 9-20, Lynn Schomerus and Toni Wieneke on 9-21, and Teresa Aernie, Arliss Wassenberg, and Aiden Velazco on 9-23.

Friday, 9-16-1921, The Otoe Union: Unadilla High School went through 11th grade. Many finished year 12 at Syracuse, Palmyra, or Dunbar, but George Isaacs went to Demonstration High School at Peru. Otoe and Cass counties were swept by the worse storm in years. “It did over $100,000. In damage to telephone lines and equipment.”

Congratulations to Harry Meginnis and Chelsea Block who were married  on Sept. 4.