Unadilla News, 9-10

Syracuse Journal-Democrat

9-11,  Library Open 9 – 11 a.m.

9-11,  Patriot Day

9-12, Grandparent’s Day

9-13,  Fire & Rescue mtg.

9-14,  Legion mtg.

The 31st Annual Groundhog Classic Golf Tournament was held at the Syracuse Country Club on August 27, 2021 with 72 golfer’s participating. The winners of the tournament: First Flight (64) Randy Crownover, Mitch Florea, Brett Ehmen, Second Flight (62) Bon Khanthasene, Lynn Schomerus, Paul Burnes, Third Flight (65) Don Ferguson, Kim Koluch, Tim Heckinlively. The Putt-Putt-Putt Contest was won by Mike Pavelka, Jason Wilson, Perry Stoner & Eric Hallman, Marc Haggadone, Wes Toniges. Closest to the Groundhog, Eric Hallman; Closest to Pin #5, Doug Pfeifer, Jerel Saltzman, Chris Brewster; Longest Drive, Jacob Enenbach; Longest Putt, Mitch Florea; Closest to Hole in 2 shots, Brett Ehmen. The SPAM Shoot Out within 2 flag lengths of hole #3, Kim Koluch, Carl Ashman, Pat Lechner, Tom Kalasky, Dana Troske, Bob Hallstrom. Guess the Score of the Featured Team: Mike Nelson, Kelly Kit, Dan Crownover.

Over $3000 in prizes were awarded and a combined $2250 was donated to Boy Scouts of America, Pheasants Forever Annual Youth Hunt, and The Syracuse Lifters Club. Mark your calendars for the Groundhog’s Day Celebration, which will be held Saturday, February 5, 2022.

Got another 1.75” of rain over the weekend. Things are looking great!

Congratulations to Tyler & Amanda Potts, who welcomed a beautiful daughter, Rhyann Quinn, on 8-25 at 11:31 p.m. Mom says big brother Reed is thrilled!

Happy Birthday to Jeanie Steinkuhler and Ruth Hogancamp Platt on 9-12, Jenn Hitzemann, Rylee Seelhoff, and Michelle Isaacs Ambrose on 9-13, Bill Timblin on 9-15, and Tonya Johnson and Chris Kimbell on 9-16.

Friday, 9-9-1921, The Otoe Union: “More garages than houses were built last year and more money was spent on the erection of motion picture theaters than for churches and hospitals combined.” More seats had to be installed in the high school because of the high rise in attendance.

The Syracuse High School Class of 1970 postponed their 50th reunion last year due to Covid. It was held this past Saturday at the Syracuse Country Club. A good time was had by all!
Pictured from left are back row, Ken Buell, John Clark, Milan Brehm, Dennis Rinne, Allen Dettmer space, Dale Henke, Bob Wilhelm, Bill Schulte, Dan Kepler, Jerry Werner; middle row: Keith Buesing, Kent Antes, Pat Nisely, Brad Sporhase, Judy Lee Souder, Jerry Carper, Marilyn K. Wimer, Wayne Meyer, Ken Snyder, Gloria Lane Sudman, Linda Anderson, Jeanie Buhrman;
front row: Jim Jourdan, Jan Scheef Snyder, Dick Morrissey, June Morrissey, Steve Berner, Peggy Bro-Neemann, Kathryn Tincher, Tim Wurtele, Lyn Weight, Joan Brandt Harder, Karen Wyatt Drevo, Pam Neeman Green, Joyce Clare Davis, Nadine Durnal and Jana Smith.