GermanFest Royalty

Syracuse Journal-Democrat

The following article was submitted by Caren Dey.

The 2019-2020 and also 2020-2021 Germanfest Royalty representing Syracuse and surrounding areas.  Throughout  their reign, the royalty has enjoyed going to parades and lighting the Christmas tree during Tannenbaum. 

Also, the Little Miss was recently on air with B103.1 Nebraska City radio station and was happy to promote Germanfest. 

The five of them will share a special bond as they can reminisce about the parades; such as, unpredictable weather, always trying to find shade to park in, forgetting a crown after the parade, the waiting in line, and making sure the float had been registered. 

Also, making a graceful fall off of the float, and don't forget the waiting, pictures and more pictures.  Some more memories are winning "Most Original Entry" at the AppleJack Parade and people yelling the royalty's names or our town's name and best of all having the crowd yell "Hey, Germanfest, that sounds like Fun!"

Due to Covid, there was no pageant in 2020-2021 and so the current five accepted to go another year and with that another year of memories.  If you ever get a chance to become part of the Royalty in anyway; you will honored and  privileged to be part of the German Heritage and our Syracuse history.

Representing our town of Syracuse were  2019-2020 and 2020-2021 Germanfest Royalty:

King and Queen-Jeff and Michelle Zoller

Burgermeister-Gary Kuenning

Little Meister-Charlie Simon

 Little Miss Germanfest-Stefani Dey

To the 2021-2022 Royalty, we wish you a lot of Fun and the best of memories!

Pictured are the Syracuse Royalty for 2019, which served an extra year due to COVID.