Palmyra News, 9-3

Syracuse Journal-Democrat

The Palmyra athletes are doing great this year.  Keep it up and bring home the wins.  Go Big Blue!

    Hoping everyone has a safe Labor Day!  Please don’t drink and drive.  Call someone if you have to – yes, even your mom and dad would rather have a phone call to come in the middle of the night and get you before they would need to bury you (I won’t guarantee you won’t get a lecture or extra chores).

    Just a heads up on Highway 2 between the ‘Douglas’/8 Road (66A Spur) and I Street (Casey’s) westbound outside lane is having some damage problems.  For that stretch it would be safer to be in the inside lane, however, be aware of the vehicles pulling onto Highway 2 from the Casey’s corner. Let’s all stay safe out there.

    The 90/100 of rain we had was a nice rain.  It settled the dust and the green seems a little greener.  Some fields are looking like harvest will be starting before too long, please keep your eyes on the road and OFF your cellphones.  As a grain truck driver during harvest, I definitely don’t want to see you drive under my truck or the back end of a combine and cause both of us injuries or our lives.  Patience will be the key word during harvest.  Trying to pass a slower vehicle isn’t going to get you that much farther ahead then being in a construction zone or at a traffic light.  Thank you!!


Rally Sunday

Palmyra Presbyterian and Methodist Churches celebrated Rally Sunday with the recognition of the youth going into 3rd grade by presenting them with their new Bibles.  Sunday school classes started after the church service.

Pastor Steve Piper, Palmyra Presbyterian Church, Natalie, Mabel, and Pastor Larry Tolen, Palmyra United Methodist Church, after the presentation of Bibles.