Unadilla News, 8-27

Syracuse Journal-Democrat

8-28,  Library Open 9 – 11 a.m.

9-1,  Food Bank of Lincoln Distribution at the Park

9-2,  Library Open 5 – 7 p.m.

                The annual Groundhog Golf Tournament will be held this year on Friday, August 27, at the Syracuse Country Club. It’s always a good time! Remember: orange is the official color of Groundhog Day! If golf isn’t your thing, there are several events associated with Syracuse’s Germanfest, which also starts August 27.

                One year later and we’re still talking about Covid. Once again the numbers are up, and our advice is the same: wear your mask, wash your hands, and practice social distancing.

                LuRae Hallstrom was the guest speaker at the Christian Church service this past Sunday.

                The trains have been moving up and down the tracks for nearly a year now. Pretty much getting used to them, but the whistle blowing around 4 a.m. kind of gives me a jolt!

                If I’ve missed something or you want to share some special news, please call Barb Wilhelm at 402-828-5705 or email me at: bw40527@windstream.net

                Happy Birthday to Barb Brandt, Dean Speth, Roger Kastens, and Cathy Halbasch on 8-27, Marcus Wilhelm on 8-28, Lois Ebert, Kathleen & Bridget Donovan, Paula Carmichael, and Gary Boone on 8-29, Kathy Lechner and Ani Hitzemann on 8-31, Mary Pope on 9-1, and Everett Bowersmith on 9-2. Happy Anniversary to Jerry & Shelby Wallen on 8-27, Karla & Seth Cross and Kylea & Shannon Beer on 8-31, Don & Cathy Halbasch on 9-1, and Mark & Tracy Meyer and Justin & Hannah Walden on 9-2.

                Friday, 8-26-1921, The Otoe Union: The Union Telephone Co. was giving their office a new coat of paint, George Ostrander was doing the work. Miss Eva Sackley of Syracuse would teach the 7th and 8th grades in Unadilla. Taylor Graham was repairing his barn basement, making it into an ice house. Floyed E. Taylor was arrested for embezzlement while he was the Burlington agent at Unadilla. He was sentenced to 1 – 10 years in the state penitentiary, but would be kept in the Otoe County jail until there was an opening.