Palmyra News, 8-13

Syracuse Journal-Democrat

The local churches said prayers over student’s backpacks with school starting this week. Prayers for a safe and great school year.

As the beginning of school is closing in, things to think about. When posting a photo of your child, you are posting to the world and child predators what school, what grade, what 'likes/dislikes', possibly even your home address, etc. ALWAYS pay attention to what is in your photo's background – address, family guns, valuables, etc.

I attended an event a couple of years ago about Human Trafficking, and was reminded last week when I attended a meeting with a couple of people that work with law enforcement battling Human Trafficking. Just for giggles some time google online or facebook Bennet Elementary School and see what pops up. It's kind of scary. The people speaking at the event a couple of years ago did just that. A young boy's photo (face was blocked out) in front of the school came up with several pieces of information that could easily narrow down how to find the child, it really did shock me how much was available.

The group I belong to National Association for Family and Community Education, Nebraska Association for Family and Community Education, Otoe County Association for Family and Community Education, and Palmyra Family and Community Education Club have focused on the Human Trafficking issue for several years with the hope to end human trafficking. Let's do what we can to keep our children safe.

The ‘school/community’ rally to celebrate the new school year and activities will be held August 19 at 5:30pm at the Olson Sports Complex.


Palmyra Senior Diners

By Jackie Thomson-Bremer

The Palmyra Senior Center will start to have the First Thursday Coffee and Donuts. However, August’s will be served on August 12th. September will be September 2nd at 10am.

A member of the Nebraska SHIIP will be present for the August 25th meal and have current information for the local senior citizens. If you wish to eat roast beef, mashed potatoes with gravy, green beans, and fruited gelatin, please contact the Palmyra Senior Center at 402-780-5606 by 12:30pm on August 24th. Hope to see you there.