Unadilla News, 8-6

Syracuse Journal-Democrat

8-7, Library Open 9 – 11 a.m.

8-9 , Fire & Rescue mtg.

8-10, Legion mtg. at Syracuse

8-11, Village Board mtg.

8-12, SDA – First day of school!

8-12, Library Open 5-7 p.m.

If you are a resident of the Village and have trees on your property, please check to see if you have any hanging into the street. School will be starting August 12th and remember, buses will be traveling our streets. They don’t have as much room to maneuver as cars do! Please, trim back your trees and thank you in advance.

Bryce has a baby sister! Jerry & Shelby Wallen welcomed Kendall Lynn on 7-31-21 at 12:54 a.m. She weighed 7 lbs. 8 oz. and was 21” long. Her pictures are adorable!

Thanks so much to the McWilliams family for their donation to the Unadilla Park.

Please note the Village is still looking for a maintenance person and the Village is an Equal Opportunity Provider and Employer. Need more details: call 402-828-5355.

Condolences to the many family and friends of Bill Stoner, who passed away last week in Omaha. He grew up here and was a brother of Lois Ebert. Our sympathy to all.

The Christian Church will continue to hold services at the Duncan Building for the time being.

We’re told the number of residents served by Meals on Wheels has risen. What a wonderful program.

Finally, some relief from the heat and much needed rain. We had .55” at the Western Wilhelm Outpost.

Happy Birthday to Denise Moerer on 8-7, Dan McWilliams and Former Groundhog Queen Rachel Zieger on 8-8, Steve Vodicka and Cody Boone on 8-9, Autumn Wardyn and Randy Crownover on 8-10, Jordan Lechner on 8-11, and Shelby Wallen on 8-12. Happy 1st anniversary to Nathan & Erin Kimbell on 8-8, and also to Paul & Toni Wieneke, also on 8-8.

Friday, 8-5-1921, The Otoe Union: Guy Dean was the new butcher at the City Meat Market. “James Doyle had the misfortune to lose a fine horse Friday night with the lock jaw.” John Alexander and family left for their new home in Colorado. Lightening struck 2 miles west of Unadilla, killing 2 of Neil Wyatt’s horses and stunning another one. Two men were working on the RR about 200 yards away and they were also stunned. July average temperature was 79 degrees, and the total rainfall was 6.97”.

Kendall Lynn Wallen
The Wallen Family: Bryce, Jerry, Shelby, and Kendall Wallen.