Palmyra News, 8-6

Syracuse Journal-Democrat

Please be watchful for the youth moving around town with the school activities starting to prepare for the upcoming sports season.

The Food Bank of Lincoln will be in the lot north of the High School on August 14 from 11am-12pm.

Joy Schroder celebrated his 90th birthday on July 31st with a good crowd and enjoyed visiting with everyone.

Duane and Jackie Bremer spent Saturday with their grandson to celebrate his first birthday.


Palmyra Senior Diners

If you are interested in eating with us at the Palmyra Senior Center - starting in August we will be open Monday-Friday from 10am-2pm - please give us a call by 11am the day before at 402-780-5606 (there is an answer machine). Coffee is on at 10am. At this time, we eat at 11:30am. Everyone is welcome to come and visit, even if you don't want to eat. We could use a couple more people to play cards - usually 10 point pitch.

We will discuss coffee and donuts one day a month to honor the month’s birthdays.

Thanks, Jackie Thomson-Bremer and Lisa Davis-Kovarik