Unadilla News, 7-30

Syracuse Journal-Democrat

7-31, Library Open   9-11 a.m.

8-4, Food Bank near the Park   10-11 a.m.

8-5, Library Open   5-7 p.m.

The Lincoln Food Bank will be distributing food again at the corner west of the Unadilla Park from 10-11 a.m., Wednesday, August 4. Please help spread the word! In March they served 63 families, 74 in April, 70 in May, and 80 in June. They have helped so many, please tell them thank you if you get the chance.

Just a reminder: please do not let grass from mowing your lawns get thrown into the street; it clogs up the storm drains and is dangerous to both motorcycle and bicycle riders.  Thank you!

Thanks for all your responses to last weeks news. I especially enjoyed those from Jenny Stilwell and Jane Lewis. The telephone office was where Jane Lewis lives now. And Dale Isaacs called to say that J.H. Meyers had his business on the second floor of the old gas station that was where the scales/office on Main Street is now. I sort of remember a second story but don’t think I was ever up there; it belonged to Charles and Norman Clark when I was a kid.

Covid cases are rising in Nebraska again. It has been suggested by several officials that we return to wearing masks in public. If you do it, so will your kids and grandkids.

Folks think the Otoe County Fair was a success this year. Heard lots of good things and saw a mini-ferris wheel in action. There were pickups and campers everywhere!


 to Richard Speth and bride, who were married Saturday in Unadilla! Wishing you a long and happy married life together.

Happy Birthday to Deana Rohlfs and Doyle Leefers on 7-31, Kurt Wenninghoff and Chloe Moore on 8-2, Chelsea Block, Matt Doeden, and Barb Leefers on 8-4. Happy Anniversary to Jeremy & Cassie Royal on 8-4 and Randy & Jeanie Steinkuhler on 8-5.

Friday, 7-29-1921, The Otoe Union: Subscriptions to the paper were $1.00 per year. Holly Stoner accepted the position of mail carrier on one of the Palmyra routes. Joe Nation was the new manager of the Fairmont Creamery. He also sold candy, ice cream, and soft drinks. “Cal Zellers wishes that those who got into his sweet corn patch would pay up. He didn’t know he had so many friends!”