Syracuse Area Health SAH Auxiliary meeting

Syracuse Journal-Democrat

Mike Harvey, President and CEO of Syracuse Area Health was a guest at the July SAH Auxiliary meeting. He discussed that COVID cases are up in NE, but not locally.

Vaccinations have decreased, however the clinic is seeing high school age people being vaccinated. He shared our mission statement, Compassionate Care, Healthy Communities. Currently SAH is converting software to Cerner. This is a major project and involves most all of the SAH staff, completion of the conversion is scheduled for Oct. 4, 2021. Information about the in-house MRI was shared. It will be housed in two modular units that will be brought in and placed northeast of the Emergency entrance. The exterior will match the design of the hospital. The MRI is newer technology than is currently available to SAH via mobile units. The current timeline is to have the MRI up and functioning in mid-November.

Grand opening of the north clinic is scheduled for mid-November. The slogan for the North campus is Compassionate Care, Travel Less. Lindsey Eggers, APRN, and Kayla Heidinger, MD will continue to be the providers. A retail pharmacist has been hired for the location and will begin work at SAH in early August. There is a Capitol Campaign for the north campus. The SAH Auxiliary was invited to contribute to the capitol campaign. Suggestions were made for donations which included landscaping, a flag pole, and flag. Donor names will be placed on a donor board in the clinic lobby. The Weeping Water clinic was purchased in 2008.

Randy Bain, DO was introduced by Mr. Harvey. Dr. Bain joined the SAH medical staff on July 9. He is originally from Montana and is currently serving in the US Army until the end of July when he will join the National Guard. He and his wife and two children live in the Syracuse area. He plans to introduce OMT (osteopathic manipulation treatment) which is part of his training as a doctor of osteopathy. He attended medical school in California.

Jill Ford and Sandi Rippe presented a video created to thank SAH employees and the SAH Auxiliary for the work put in during the pandemic.

The business meeting was then called to order by President Cheryl Grundman.

Old Business

Details of the volunteer appreciation gathering were shared. It will be held Friday, Aug. 20, 2021 from 5-7pm at the Syracuse Country Club. Invitations were handed out and will be mailed to auxiliary members not present at the meeting. Mary Meyer and Kathy Bruns will investigate options for the memorial money. Joan Johnson reported on suggestions from the scholarship committee. It was moved and seconded that the scholarship awarded to students in the south SAH campus hospital district be raised to $2000. The scholarship was first given in 2011 in the amount of $500, and increased in 2016 to $1000. Motion carried. It was moved and seconded that a $2000 SAH Auxiliary scholarship be offered to high school seniors graduating from Weeping Water, going into a medical field. This motion also carried.

New Business

It was announced that Nancy Brack, VP of Human Resources, will attend coffee time at the Thrift Store on Monday, July 26. This is a time to ask questions concerning operation of the SAH clinic and hospital and to highlight auxiliary accomplishments. The membership voted to sponsor Germanfest at the $250 bronze level. President Grundman noted that Auxiliary by-laws indicate the organization can give up to $2000 to organizations other than SAH.

The SAH Auxiliary also voted to give a generous donation to the SAH North Campus Capitol Campaign for landscaping, flag, and flag pole.

In anticipation of reaching the 1 million dollars income from our Thrift Store and Gift Shop sales a contest was announced. Members were to guess the date when $1,000,000 in sales would be reached. The guesses were “hermetically” sealed in a tin and will be opened when that milestone is reached. The Thrift Store opened in December of 2007.

Meeting adjourned. The next meeting will be Oct. 12, 2021 at 1:30 pm.