Otoe County Clover Kid Day

Syracuse Journal-Democrat

More than 50 local youth attended the 4-H Clover Kid Day held at the Fair Center on June 22.  Because the group was so large, a morning and an afternoon session were held to make the groups a more manageable size.

The 4-H’ers under eight years old participated in many fun and educational activities while preparing entries for the upcoming Otoe County Fair.  The annual event was organized by the Otoe County University of Nebraska Lincoln Extension Office, and 4-H Extension Assistant Erin Steinhoff said she was very excited to be able to have the event after taking last year off due to COVID.

Older 4-H members and volunteers assisted with the small groups in playing games and completing items for the fair.  They decorated T-shirts, planted marigolds, used their imagination to create a Lego accessory, and created a parts of a cow poster while learning about the differences between dairy and beef cows.  

The highlight of the day was getting to meet Rudy, the baby calf brought in by Erin to learn about the parts of a cow. As usual, it was a loud, laughter-filled, creative day for those who had the chance to attend, and they all look forward to showcasing their work at the Otoe County Fair July 22-25.

4-H Extension Assistant Erin Steinhoff brought Rudy the calf to 4-H Clover Kid Day so the Clover Kids could learn about cattle anatomy and the differences between beef and dairy cattle.