Beach wins top honor at National Livestock Judging Contest

Syracuse Journal-Democrat

Junior Shorthorn enthusiasts gathered from 28 states to compete in the 2021 National Junior Shorthorn Show and Youth Conference in Louisville, Ky., June 21 - June 26. 

Not only did the juniors compete with their animals, but had the opportunity to compete in 15 individual, team, or state contests.  

Annalyn Beach, a junior Shorthorn member from the Syracuse area, placed as a top 5 finalist in the Livestock Judging Contest. She was first in the Prospector II age division (10 - 12 years).

One of the most competitive events of the week was the coveted Fusion Cattle Co. Livestock Judging Contest. With local colleges officiating, providing livestock and helping put on the contest there is no doubt that the juniors receive a quality contest. There are four separate age divisions that compete, using their knowledge and a basic understanding of livestock. The objective of the contest is for a participant to show their ability to evaluate cattle.

Executive Secretary/CEO of the American Shorthorn Association, Montie Soules, explained in an interview that, “The National Junior Shorthorn Show and Youth Conference is every bit as much about the contests and the educational aspect from that as it is the cattle show. The youth of this breed pride themselves in participating in a number of contests. This provides leadership and communication skills for those junior exhibitors that will advance them in their lifelong goals. One of the things that I am most proud of about this event is the high participation percentage that we have in our contests. Our junior board and staff have made it a point to try and provide new and updated contests that challenge the junior members with the technology available in today’s world. This prepares Shorthorn youth for their future.”