A Look Back: The School Play at S-D-A

Submitted News

Even though the, S-D-A school play was weeks ago, the performance of “Puffs” was a great memory for all who participated, especially the graduating seniors.

Twenty-six Syracuse Dunbar Avoca high school students, 20 cast members and six crew, worked tirelessly for six weeks to deliver “Puffs” at two mid-May performances.  Practices were held several times a week and included work before school and during study hours. Of the cast, six were seniors and for 22 students, it was their first time participating in a play.  Participants said they would overwhelmingly do it again.  While the cast was busy learning lines, backstage and crew worked on lights sound.  Both the cast and crew helped with props and set.

One cast member describes Puffs as a play about the Hufflepuff House members and how they live through seven years at a Certain School of Magic. In the Harry Potter books and movies, the Hufflepuffs are rarely seen. Puffs takes you on an adventure. The story follows three main characters and their Puff friends as they find who they are as Puffs. They look into mirrors, get attacked, almost, by snakes, have slumber parties, support their friend in a magical tournament and dance party, do that thing they always wanted to do, a  one-man sports team(parkour!), and fight through a battle as who they were meant to be. PUFFS! Third Or Nothing! It's a fun and exciting ride from the beginning to the end.  The play was written by Matt Cox.

Brandy Hall, 5th-12th grade Instrumental Band teacher and high school drama and speech sponsor was the director and Brenda Royal, Elementary Media Specialist, was the assistant director.  Lorelei Bassinger was the stage manager and Allie Bokamper was the back-stage Manager.

Lead roles were played by Kayden DeGolyer (Wayne), Caleb Dunster (Oliver), Abby Vodicka (Megan) and Sam Bennett (Cedric).  Also part of the play were Miriam Bassinger, Nikki Kimpel, Sophie Sayer, Lynn Ballinger, Emma Apel, Hannah Knox, Leland Dilley, Caleb Loos, Gabe Dilley, Kirsten Bischoff, Mallory Mueller, Ayva Swift, Mira Rahe and Logan Dale.

At her second year at S-D-A, Hall said the momentum for the school play started with the success of the speech team and the intention to do a One Act play during the 2021-22 school year.  Hall said she had a lot of Harry Potter fans and looked for plays that had a big cast with a few juicy roles.  “Puffs offered a lot of roles with a handful of line and no lines at all.  There were parts for all,” Hall described.