Water System Improvement advances at City Council

Wendy Werner

Work on the Water System Improvement project took another step forward with the approval of Resolution 21-22 approving a material testing proposal from Thiele Geotech, Inc.  

Dane Simonesen with JEO provided an update on the project stating wells have been drilled, they are test pumping and appear to be clear.  

Grading is being done to prepare site for building.  

Kevin Knuse with JEO along with City Administrator Jessica Meyer and City Engineer Justin Stark discussed the Streambank Stability Project.  

A review of the priorities within the project will be done and presented at July council meeting. 

City of Syracuse Superintendent of Public Works Jeff Vogt led a conversation on the city allowing a pipe alternative for residential water lines.  

Currently, the city requires copper water lines from the main to the house which costs a lot more than a PEX alternative.  An ordinance will be drafted for consideration at a future council meeting.

The passing of Ordinance 11-02 provided a zoning text amendment to Syracuse Municipal Zoning Code 5.05.03 as follows: “to reside in recreational vehicles as a permitted conditional use in Transitional Ag Zoning District and a zoning text amendment to Section 2.02 Definition of the Syracuse Municipal Zoning Code as follows:   “to include recreational vehicles”, striking “mobile home”.  A conditional use permit requires a requestor to come before the council for each request and the city council establishes the timeframe.

Five Syracuse residents, some speaking on behalf of their neighborhoods, told the council they were opposed to having fowl within the city limits, citing concerns with odors and attracting predators such as coyotes.  Syracuse resident, Randy Dunster, is seeking approval to have hens at his residence. An ordinance will be drafted and presented at next city council meeting at which council members will vote in favor or opposition.

Resolution 21-23 was passed redesignating an area including downtown Syracuse as blighted and substandard.  A redesignation of the area originally cited in 2010 is required in order to pursue funding through the state for CDBG revitalization funds.  

In the Parks and Rec report, the council approved new signage at the sports complex and soccer fields in the amount of $6,964.  Nathanial Cordray, a Boy Scout with Syracuse Troop 337, appeared before the council to propose a frisbee golf course in Williams Park for his Eagle Project.  City Parks and Rec Manager will meet with Nathanial to compile more information and details.

The Otoe County Sheriff’s Department received 85 calls for service that resulted in 64 incident reports.  Hours logged for the month of May were 452.3.

The Planning Commission will meet on the first Wednesday of the month.

Street closings were approved for the Otoe County Fair Parade July 24, 2021 at 1 p.m.  An SDL for the Otoe County Ag Society for beer gardens July 22-25, 2021 was also approved. 

Syracuse Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Wendy Werner gave an update on GermanFest planning.  Street closings in connection with the GermanFest parade August 28, 2021 were approved as was closing 3rd Street from Midland to Plum Streets and the alleyway west of the Fair Center from 3rd Street to 1st Street.

The replacement of two doors at the city building was approved at a total cost of $4,865.

An electrician’s license for Davidson Electric, Syracuse, was approved.