Syracuse Museum of Memories ready for summer visitors

Wendy Werner

The Otoe County Museum of Memories in Syracuse is ready for summer visitors and toys are the featured exhibit.  In one of the toy exhibits some dishes that were brought over from Czechoslovakia are displayed along with Gladys Vrana’s Czech dress that was donated to the museum.  

On a recent field trip, students were shown various pitting and peeling tools and used one to peel an apple.

Located at 366 Poplar Street, the church has three buildings, a former church  and parsonage; and the Kramer Building, an education center.  The museum also has an herb garden.

Run by a four-person board made up of Rose Garey, Judy Masters, Lael Speth and Janet Zieger and about a dozen volunteers, the museum is open Sundays through August from 1:30-4 p.m. and by appointment.

The museum is in need of men and women volunteers.  Realizing people are busier and busier, Garey explained how they are trying to attract volunteers.  

She said, “Instead of someone who can volunteer year-round, we are looking for individuals who can help with certain tasks or small projects such as folding quilts, cleaning the animal skins and helping input information into the museum’s new electronic system.”

Individuals interested in volunteering can call 402-269-2355 or email the museum at otoecomuseum@