Otoe County 4-H members recently participated in the pre-fair 4-H Favorite Foods Revue

Syracuse Journal-Democrat

4-H members in the Favorite Foods Revue planned a menu for a meal. The 4-H members prepared one food item from the menu and displayed the food item with the selected table service, centerpiece, menu card, and recipe card.  

The judge, Kristen Houska of Lincoln evaluated the 4-H members on the menu, the table service, and their understanding of time management, food preparation, meal planning, and nutrition. The contest was conducted by recorded video.

In the Junior Division, Rilynn Whitney of Syracuse was Champion and received $20.00 prize money sponsored by Andrews Monument Works of Nebraska City. Justus Kreifels of Nebraska City was the Reserve Champion. He received $20.00 sponsored by Runza of Nebraska City.          

In the Senior Division, Tim Lovelace of Syracuse was Champion and Nima Faunce of Palmyra was the Reserve Champion. Tim received $20.00 sponsored by Verda Umland, Palmyra, while Nima received $20.00 sponsored by Easter & Associates of Nebraska City and Syracuse.    

Each contestant and the ribbon they received are listed below:  


Clover Kid Ribbon: Sarah Schropfer of Nebraska City and Madison Stubbendick of Syracuse.


Purple – Jolie Kreifels, Justus Kreifels, and Amber Schropfer of Nebraska City; Aiden Velazco and Rilynn Whitney of Syracuse;

Blue – Andrew Lovelace of Syracuse.


Purple – Nima Faunce of Palmyra and Tim Lovelace of Syracuse.