NC Rural Fire Protection District expands

Staff Writer
Syracuse Journal-Democrat

The Nebraska City Rural Fire Protection District announces the partial acquisition of the Union Fire District.

In March, representatives from Nebraska City, Nehawka, and Union fire departments discussed the changes that would needed to provide the best fire protection for the area. It was decided to dissolve the Union Fire Department and split up the area between Nehawka Fire and the Nebraska City Rural Fire District.

John Golden, president of the Nebraska City Rural Fire Protection District, said the district will gain approximately 7 square miles from the acquisition. Nebraska City Rural Fire District will add all properties from the Cass County line south and from County Road 54 east to the Missouri River.

This includes areas such as Old Wyoming campground, Johnson's Gas and Go, and the Magellan Pipeline pumping station.

Golden also added that the additional response area will generate more tax revenue for the district.

"The department is ready to go," said Rob Schreiner, chief of the Nebraska City Fire Department. Members of the department have been getting to know the new area and are ready to respond when needed.

The Nebraska City Fire Department now covers 121 square miles and proudly protects around 7,500 people.

The acquisition took effect May 27.