Fortenberry releases COVID-19 survey results

Staff Writer
Syracuse Journal-Democrat

Congressman Jeff Fortenberry (NE-01) offered the following statement May 4 on the results of his weekend five-question coronavirus *survey of Nebraska first district constituents.

“The initial results of the weekend’s coronavirus survey of first district constituents are in,” Fortenberry said.  “This is a good snapshot of where Nebraskans are, as we continue to fight our way through coronavirus, protect the sick, and return to some degree of normalcy,” Fortenberry added.

“If you need help, please know we are here,” Fortenberry said.

Results of Coronavirus Survey of Nebraska First District Constituents

How has the Coronavirus impacted you personally?

Serious disruption (41%)

Significant disruption (17%)

Slightly (32%)

Not Much (10%)

How is your employment situation?

The Same (56%)

Cut Back (21%)

Unemployed (16%)

Busier (7%)

Have you received an economic assistance payment?

Yes (55%)

No (45%)

What should Nebraska do going forward?

Shelter in place until there is a treatment/vaccine (29%)

Reopen with sheltering and aggressive protections for the most vulnerable (56%)

Just go back to normal (15%)

What is your opinion of the government response?

Handled Properly (38%)

Too Aggressive (17%)

Not Enough (45%)