ESU 4 schools to remain closed for this school year

Staff Writer
Syracuse Journal-Democrat

ESU 4 schools will be operating in an alternative learning environment for the remainder
of the school year.
Per Governor Rickett’s Directive Health Measure, all schools in Nebraska will remain closed and operate in an alternative learning environment for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year.
With this directive, all schools are closed to students until May 31 and all extracurricular activities are cancelled statewide.
Traditional graduation ceremonies are not going to be possible this May. Schools will be
working to determine appropriate alternative methods to honor the Class of 2020 in each
community, whether that is a traditional ceremony at a later date or some other locally
determined alternative graduation that complies with the guidance of health officials.
We continue to monitor the unfolding COVID-19 epidemic to anticipate its impact on our state.
We are working with the Southeast District Health Department (SEDHD), the Nebraska
Department of Education (NDE), and other state and local officials on this situation. We will
continue to communicate important updates to the public and our partners.
The CDC is putting out updated guidance daily; for the most up to date information visit: To learn more about COVID-19, go to