Nebraska Medical Center sets up ER surge tent

Staff Writer
Syracuse Journal-Democrat

A temporary surge tent will be installed outside the Emergency Department at Nebraska Medical Center, 4350 Dewey Ave. in Omaha this morning (March 30).

The space will allow additional bed capacity and increases the med center’s preparedness for a potential influx of patients accessing emergency services.

The tent will be fully functional, with electricity, internet, heat and air conditioning. 

The tent is designed for eight patients on stretchers. If needed, additional patients can be placed in chairs. Emergency Department leaders are still working to determine the workflow and what type of patients could be seen there.

Teams expect set up to be complete on Tuesday, March 31. It will block passage on Dewey Ave.; all traffic attempting to travel west on Dewey Ave. will be diverted. 

The tent has been available for use for ten years as part of the pandemic planning process. It has been set up before during drills, but never deployed for use outside of training.