Ricketts assures Nebraskans of food availability, thanks them for practicing social distancing

Staff Writer
Syracuse Journal-Democrat

Governor Pete Ricketts hosted a press conference March 18 to update Nebraskans on the reliability and accessibility of the state’s food supply.  The Governor also clarified the State’s guidance on social gatherings.  Gov. Ricketts was joined by Kathy Siefken, Executive Director of the Nebraska Grocers Association; Zoe Olson, Executive Director of the Nebraska Restaurant Association; and Theresa Thibodeau, owner of Primrose School—an educational childcare center—in Papillion.

“As our state goes through this unprecedented public health challenge, I want Nebraskans to know that we will have plenty of food available,” said Governor Ricketts.  “The U.S. has the most efficient supply chain of food in the world, and it’s operating effectively.  Grocery stores are open, and restaurants will continue to serve Nebraskans throughout the pandemic with takeout and drive-thru options.”

In keeping with federal guidelines, the State of Nebraska has issued guidance limiting public gatherings to 10 people or less.  This social distancing measure is part of a nationwide effort to combat the spread of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).  At today’s press conference, Gov. Ricketts provided additional information about how the guidance affects childcare centers and preschools.

The State’s general guidance on social gatherings (as of March 18, 2020) is available by clicking here.  Cities and counties may issue more restrictive local guidelines in the interest of public health.  For example, Douglas County has issued a Directed Health Measure.

Full video of the March 18 press briefing is available by clicking here.