2019 Nebraska Passport generates $23.7 million in traveler spending

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Syracuse Journal-Democrat

Nebraska Tourism is excited to announce that the Nebraska Passport program generated $23.7 million in traveler spending last year according to new research conducted at the end of 2019. The Nebraska Passport helps travelers discover the state’s beautiful scenery, quirky destinations, hidden gems and delicious cuisine, all while collecting stamps and earning great prizes.

“It’s amazing the significant impact this program is able to have on Nebraska in the short 5-month period it runs every year,” said John Ricks, Nebraska Tourism Commission executive director. “We are excited that the Nebraska Passport has done its job in not only getting people to explore every corner of the state but also provide a significant economic impact to communities big and small. This is proof, Nebraska is a great place for travelers.”

According to the study done by Dean Runyan Associates, in 2019, the Nebraska Passport program not only generated $23.7 million in traveler spending but $1.9 million in state and local tax revenue. For every dollar Nebraska Tourism invested in the program, $150 was generated in traveler spending and $12.30 was generated in tax revenue. Participants included residents from 37 states and 418 Nebraska communities. Additionally, the study found that 82 percent of passport participants made an overnight trip with 81 percent of them staying in traditional lodging.

The same economic impact study was conducted by Dean Runyan Associates after the 2017 Passport program. Back then the program generated $5.7 million in traveler spending and $469,500 in state and local tax revenue. In 2017, 469 people visited all 70 passport stops, compared to 914 in 2019. Within two years, participation and economic impact of the program multiplied significantly.

The program runs from May 1 to Sept. 30 each year and consists of 70 unique stops located throughout Nebraska. Travelers can participate using the Nebraska Passport program booklet or by downloading the free Nebraska Passport mobile app.

The 2020 Passport is in the planning stages, but Passport booklets can be pre-ordered at

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