Highway 2 traffic stop ends in arrest

Staff Writer
Syracuse Journal-Democrat

A Saturday afternoon traffic stop on Highway 2 near County Road 38 resulted in a Georgia woman being arrested and 40 pounds of marijuana taken off the streets by the Otoe County Sheriff’s Office.
After a deputy stopped Ikelylah Elaine Brown, 32, for possible speeding, the deputy asked her for consent to search her vehicle. She refused, but an exterior search was conducted with the sheriff’s office K-9 officer, who alerted to the presence of an illegal odor.
Brown was then asked to open the vehicle, where several packages wrapped in green Saran wrap were seen. She was arrested on suspicion of possession of a controlled substance, and the packages were taken into custody.
Field tests showed the packages contained marijuana, and the sheriff’s office estimated the weight of the packages in Brown’s vehicle to be about 40 pounds.
She is in custody at the Otoe County Detention Center. Her preliminary hearing is set for March 4.