New emergency app available for Cooper Nuclear Station

Staff Writer
Syracuse Journal-Democrat

Nebraska Public Power District has something that every cell phone user in the area around

Cooper Nuclear Station needs when it comes to emergency information.

NPPD now has an app available for emergency planning information for Cooper Nuclear Station that can be downloaded to an IPhone or Android device. This information has been issued in a printed version in the past with the app now taking its place along with information posted on the NPPD website.

“Information that has been available through the printed calendars is now readily available in an app that the public will have at their fingertips,” said CNS Emergency Preparedness Manager Larry Mocnik. “There is also a link to NPPD’s Twitter account, plus individuals can sign up for emergency notifications through Nemaha County in Nebraska and Atchison County in Missouri that would include weather conditions.”

The new app provides information on all four of the emergency classification levels in the event of an actual emergency, plus provides a listing of various radio and television stations that could be tuned in to listen for any specific instructions. An informative section on shelter in place and what to do in an evacuation is available, including evacuation routes and locations of designated reception centers.

A complete download is available of emergency information that was used in the calendars in the past.

“While we make this information available, our goal at the plant is that we will operate safely for employees and the public in the future,” Mocnik added. “We understand that some people may not have a cell phone so we can still provide those individuals with printed information.” An individual can call 402-825-3811 to obtain a copy of the information or request a NOAA/EAS radio.

The “NPPD Emergency Planning” app is available through the Apple and Android stores at no cost. The same information can be downloaded at