Bethel United Church of Christ offering unique Wednesday Bible Studies

Staff Writer
Syracuse Journal-Democrat

Bethel United Church of Christ is offering a Bible study to all people of the community on Wednesdays at 6 p.m.

The focus of the study is the biblical feasts of the Lord as given in the book of Leviticus in the Bible.

The study takes on a unique perspective as it is facilitated by Messianic Jewish Rabbi  Richard Bristol.

Rabbi Bristol is relatively new to our community having moved here from Denver in the fall of 2018. Prior to moving back to Denver Rabbi Bristol live for several years in Jerusalem, Israel.

He brings a unique perspective to the study of the Bible seeing the continuation of the Old Testament in the New Testament.

Rabbi Bristol still serves as a  advisor  to congregations in Colorado  and  Kenya through Congregation Standing Strong, Omed Chazak.

He also serves as an officer in the Nebraska City Ministerial Association and as a Chaplain with Tabitha Hospice.