S-D-A sophomore wins Nebraska Champion Breeding Heifer Award

Laramie Werner

Syracuse-Dunbar-Avoca sophomore Bailey Boitnott was recently awarded the Nebraska Champion Mainetainer Breeding Heifer for the 2018-2019 show season.  She is the daughter of Jason and Wendy Boitnott of Nehawka, a member of the Better Ba-C’s 4-H Club, and a member of S-D-A High School FFA.

Boitnott and her calf “Mae” have been working together since November 2018 through the end of showing season in September 2019. Though she has competed for years with different heifers, this is her first time attaining this achievement.  Though a show stick is used in competition, Boitnott prefers not to use one in training because it then becomes automatic for the calf. That makes it even more smooth in competition.

While showing Mae throughout the summer 2019 at six different shows, including some in Grand Island, she gathered points at each show. These Nebraska Junior Cattlemen Association Sanctioned Shows each gave her an opportunity to build her points total.

The competition includes around 150 youth agest 8-21. Boitnott’s category, Mainetainer had 14 competitors. Though the awards were not given until the Sneak a Peek Show in Syracuse early December, the points totals could be seen online, so they were able to see that she won.

Boitnott was very excited when she realized her point totals were the highest.  “It depends on the calf you have,” she noted.  Her mom, Wendy said, “They were just a good team!”

Boitnott showed her new calf “Ella” at the Sneak a Peek show, and she is looking forward to working with Ella throughout 2020.