Sasse’s first vote On Finance Committee is to advance USMCA trade deal

Staff Writer
Syracuse Journal-Democrat

Today, U.S. Senator Ben Sasse, an outspoken advocate for Nebraska agriculture and trade, officially joined the Senate Finance Committee and cast his first committee vote to advance the USMCA trade agreement.

Senator Sasse’s full remarks are available here and excerpts are found below.

“There are good reasons why this is regularly referred to as the most powerful committee in the Congress. The work here effects moms and dads, farmers and ranchers, patients and doctors, taxpayers present and future. And so, Chairman, thank you for having me serve on this committee and for your welcome.”

“I'm also extremely eager to have my first vote on this committee be the U.S., Mexico, Canada Agreement. The USMCA should have been done a long, long time ago. It languished in the House for reasons that aren't really that defensible but it's great that we're going to finally have the opportunity to vote on this trade agreement.”

“The USMCA comes at a critical time for Nebraska agriculture. Here's the bad news: farmers have experienced low commodity prices, excessive supply, weather disasters, global trade disruptions and the farm economy - as the Senator from Kansas has said - is embarrassingly sluggish. But here's the good news: the USMCA trade agreement strengthens our trading agreements with North American neighbors. It is also the foundation for some future trade agreements in terms of some modernization of rules and regulations, laws and obligations with conformity, transparency, and verification.”

“So, here's the bottom line: Nebraska is ready to keep feeding the world and we need open trade markets to do so. We should get the job done. Thank you, Mr. Chairman.”