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Syracuse Journal-Democrat

HAPPY BIRTHDAY on  January 2 to Isaac Asimov; on January 3 to Lucretia Mott; on January 4 to Louis Braille, Jacob Grimm, Sir Isaac Newton, and Patrick O’Neil; on January 5 to Tom Hallstrom, Hannah Kreifels, and Kathy Jo Neumeister; on January 6 to Khalil Gibran, Bob Hallstrom, and Carl Sandburg; on January 7 to Katie Couric; and on January 8 to Greg Berner, Nate Goering, Elvis Presley, and Vanessa Swanson.

HAPPY  ANNIVERSARY on January 6 to Martha and George Washington.

BLOODMOBILE NEWS:  The next bloodmobile will be in Avoca on Monday, Feb. 10, from 1 to 7 p.m.

To submit news, or to request a correction or addition for birthday and anniversary announcements, write to PO Box 671, Avoca, NE, 68307, or call Debby at 275-3221 (leave a message on the machine, please), or e-mail by Thursday night.