The Syracuse-Dunbar-Avoca golf team earned a 13th place finish during the Class-C State Tournament on Tuesday, October 15, at North Platte, NE.

“It was a great tournament for the Rocket Golfers,” Coach Sallie Agena said.  “When they earned the trip to state, their goal was to improve their team placing from last year. The team got 13th this year after getting 15th last year, so they were excited.”

S-D-A shot their lowest team score on the season on day two with a 415.

“As individuals, all of the golfers did well,” Agena said.  “They should be very proud of their performance at this venue. They stayed focused and battled wind on day two to play consistent golf.”

Shaylee Staack shot a personal best round of 88 on day two to earn 17th place out of 94 participants.

Tommi Gobber shot a Rockets second best score with a 105.  

Jennifer Daharsh and Lorelei Bassinger each played very consistently throughout their rounds as well to tie for the tournament.

Coach Sallie Agena comments on each athlete:
Shaylee Staack: It was so exciting to watch her work her way up the leader board.  She was only two places away from a medal which is a huge accomplishment.

Tommi Gobber: She dove into this season full force, and picked up the game quickly.  She is a perfect example of what hard work and dedication can do to improve skills.

Kirsten Bischoff: Kirsten Bischoff shot a personal best score on Day 1 of the tournament. She was the 3rd golfer on the Rocket team for the tournament.

Jennifer Daharsh: Jennifer has demonstrated huge improvement throughout her years on the golf team.  Her leadership and ability will be missed as she graduates.

Lorelei Bassinger: Lorelei battled illness the entire second round, but did not give up and shot one of her best rounds on Day 2.

“The determination of this team was unmatched,” Agena said.  “They truly show what a team can do when all members support each other and work together to succeed.”