Nebraska Coach Scott Frost and Husker football players met with members of the media at Memorial Stadium on Monday afternoon to kick off Colorado week. The Huskers will travel to Boulder to take on the Buffaloes Saturday at 2:30 p.m. (CT) in a game televised national by FOX.

The battle between the Big Red and the Buffaloes will renew an old conference rivalry that dates back to the first meeting between the two schools in 1898. The Big Seven, Big Eight and Big 12 Conference rivals met every year from 1948 to 2010, before going separate ways following the 2010 football season with Colorado joining the Pac-12 and Nebraska joining the Big Ten. The Cornhuskers own a 49-19-2 all-time edge in the series, but Colorado nabbed a 33-28 win over the Huskers in Frost's Nebraska head coaching debut last season at Memorial Stadium on Sept. 8, 2018.

Saturday's game will mark Mel Tucker's head coaching debut for Colorado at Folsom Field in Boulder. The Buffs opened the 2019 season with a 52-31 pounding of in-state rival Colorado State at Broncos Stadium at Mile High in Denver on Friday night.

Below are Scott Frost's answers to a number of questions posed on Monday.

On correcting offensive ineffectiveness from Saturday
“First of all, we have to do a better job as a coaching staff of getting us in the right [formations]. [South Alabama] made some changes in the offseason and we got too scheme-y with what we were expecting from them and [South Alabama ran] other [schemes]. They did a really good job, so we have to do a better job as a coaching staff. We have to get the snap issue fixed. That cost us quite a few plays. We made some bad decisions. Above all else, we need to practice well. I know I sound like a broken record on that. You could tell last week on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday I was pleased with our defense. Our offense was nowhere near our standard. You play how you practice. You’re not all of a sudden going to show up and play well on Saturday, if you didn’t execute things on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. The good thing is I think we got [the team’s] ear on that and today looked really good for the first day of a new game plan. Offensively, I have a ton of confidence in our coaching staff. These guys [on the offensive staff] have done an unbelievable job for a lot of years, putting up a lot of points and yards. They’ll find a way, but we have to practice better and we have [had] a good start this week.”
On why the team started slowly on Saturday
“I don’t know for sure. I don’t know if we were too relaxed. It starts with our quarterback. He’s got to be the hardest-working guy at practice. I love the kid, he’s an unbelievable player and he’s going to have a great year. He didn’t have his best week of practice. The same [is true] with several other leaders on offense. I’ll ride with these guys, I know what kind of players they are and what kind of players they’ll be, but I don’t know if it was us feeling ourselves a little bit or school starting and us being distracted. As a coaching staff, we put a little too much ‘new’ in and that might have made them think instead of playing fast like we [saw] during fall camp. Offensively, [the USA] game is either going to be a harbinger of things to come this season, or we are going to look back on it as the best thing that ever happened to us because it was a learning experience. We have to practice and coach in a way to make it the latter.”   
On Adrian Martinez's response following Saturday’s performance
“He responded today. He operated faster, cleaner. When he takes off, I want him to be an I-Back in a quarterback’s uniform. That’s what he can be and what he should be. I saw that today. We put him in some bad spots schematically on Saturday. That’s our fault as coaches. We put him in some bad spots not being able to get his eyes where they should have been because he was jumping for a bunch of snaps. Those are things we can get fixed. If we give him a good environment, I think you’ll see the Adrian we all know and expect.”
On the status of the safety position
“Deontai’s status is unknown right now. Good thing is, we had several guys come in and play well at that position. Cam Taylor played well and is capable of playing that position. We’re going to have to wait and see on Deontai. I think our better depth this year compared to last year will help us out if anything like that happens.”
On the cause of errant snaps
“With Cam (Jurgens) it’s a matter of not getting reps. He missed quite a bit of training camp. I suppose it’s like shooting free throws or any other athletic movement: If you’ve done it one million times, it’s second nature. We’re certainly going to take a look at it and be working on it. I’ve never been a center. That’s one area of football I don’t know a whole lot about.”
On the Colorado rivalry and last year’s game between CU and NU
“It was a good game last year. I don’t think we played real well, so if our players think we should’ve won, that’s how they should feel. I know there’s been a lot of really tough games and a heated rivalry between Nebraska and Colorado. What happened last year, that was a different coaching staff, a different team. That doesn’t have anything to do with [this year’s matchup]. I’m not crazy about using [past games] as motivation for our team. We should have motivation enough. I have a lot of respect for a lot of their players who played well on this field last year. They have a new coaching staff that has proven they can do a good job. This year is different, this team is different, their coaching staff is different, their team is different. But anytime Nebraska plays Colorado, there’s a little extra juice on both sides.”        
On the impact of Nebraska fans traveling to Boulder for the game
“We’ll see what happens. I’ve read a couple articles. I don’t pay too much attention to it. I know our fans travel well. I know Nebraska will never have an issue trying to get [its] fans to hold onto their tickets for games. I’m grateful to Nebraska fans, that [showing up] is something we never have to worry about.”
On Dedrick Mills’ first game in a Husker uniform
“Dedrick ran hard. He played hard. Had a really good run on the play he ended up fumbling. We didn’t give him a lot of holes to run through early. There were one or two cuts he’ll make that he didn’t [on Saturday]. I feel great about him going forward. He’s indicative of a lot of guys: I saw a lot of good things in camp that I didn’t see on Saturday. We have to practice better and come out and execute better.”   
On Maurice Washington’s impact
“He’s a pretty good player, No. 1. No. 2, [South Alabama] was really packing the box. [Offensively], we weren’t in the right [scheme] to take advantage of it. Mo has the quickness and elusiveness to bounce it outside, make somebody miss and outrun some people. He was able to make a couple plays. Dedrick is capable of that, too, and we have other backs that are [capable]. We have to do a better job as a coaching staff.”
On Colorado Coach Mel Tucker
“I know Mel. I think he’s done a really good job wherever he’s been. They executed pretty well last Saturday, so he’s done a good job of going in there and getting a new team ready to play. We went through that last year and know how hard it is when you’re installing new things and doing different things, so I have a lot of respect for him and I’m looking forward to the competition.”
On the value of having played a game before seeing Colorado
“It certainly helps. I’m glad we didn’t go into a game in Colorado and play the way we did Saturday, at least on one side of the ball. Hopefully we’re able to work some of those kinks out and fix some of the problems. I think it will give us the chance at least to play a lot better in the Colorado game than we did a year ago.”
On Colorado wide receiver Laviska Shenault Jr.
“He had a great game here last year. He’s big, strong and fast. He can block, can run, can catch. He’s one of the better receivers I’ve coached against. We’ve got our hands full with him.”
On the growth of Nebraska tight ends Jack Stoll and Austin Allen
“Yeah, [the] tight ends I thought actually played pretty well Saturday. [Missed] a couple plays here and there, but those two guys both played at a pretty high level. Both of them look faster this year. I think both of them are more comfortable in the offense and hopefully we can utilize those guys a lot more than we did a year ago.”
On any standout players on the defense from Saturday’s game
“We usually chart assignments, how many errors we have, whether guys are doing things right. We chart effort. It was hard to find a guy taking a play off or loafing on Saturday. If I had to pick something that stood out, I’d say guys did what we asked them to; came out and played fast and hard. They’re going to have to play even better this week. This is going to be a good offense we’re going up against.”
On wide receivers struggling to get open on Saturday
“I think we actually had some guys open. Sometimes, the snap was bad. Sometimes, we didn’t throw to the right guys. Sometimes, we didn’t have time. We only [ran] 66 offensive plays Saturday, which is way below our norm. [We] didn’t do well on first downs, so we weren’t in a rhythm offensively. Guys need to play better, too, but I don’t think it was a lack of having guys open, we just didn’t execute very well.”
On the lack of offensive plays on Saturday
“We want to be on the field with our offense. We made the defense play too many snaps. But I don’t care what happens. We’re lucky the defense scored at the start of the third quarter [and that] special teams scored at the start of the third quarter. It doesn’t matter when your number is called, you’ve got to be ready. [The offense] didn’t go out on the field until the six-minute mark in the third quarter - that doesn’t matter. Those guys need to be hungry and go out and execute and play fast. You certainly want to be on the field as an offensive player, and we weren’t out there as much as we usually are, but we’ve got to execute and operate anyway.”
On his memories playing against Colorado
“I think it’s a good scene for college football. It’s a pretty scene. There is a lot of pageantry around it, particularly when it involves Nebraska and Colorado. I’ve played there once as a player, I think I’ve coached there three times, at Kansas State [once] and at Oregon twice, so I’m pretty used to it and comfortable with it. It’s a fun place to play.”
On Colorado running back Alex Fontenot’s impact on the offense
“I think [Alex] Fontenot is going to make them better. He’s a good all-around player. He runs hard, he can make you pay and create some big plays, so I’m not surprised they put up a bunch of points Saturday with the weapons they have. Like I said, our defense has to be ready for a good challenge.”
On altitude playing a factor in games at Colorado
“I don’t remember it at all when I played, and I don’t remember any of our kids talking about it when they played. I think listening to our guys talk, it has more effect on you the second or third day you’re in the place. Our kids are in good shape. We’re not even going to really address it. We’re going to go out and play.”
On Dylan Jorgensen and the kicking situation
“You know we don’t talk about injuries, so good try, but Dylan [Jorgensen] did a good job for the most part Saturday. I thought his kickoffs were good, converted all the PATs. Obviously, would have liked to have seen the field goal made before half. If he’s the guy on Saturday, then we’ve got a lot of faith in him.”
On the partially blocked kick, and problems with the snap
“I haven’t asked [Special Teams Coach] Jovan [Dewitt ] on the snap and get-off time for sure. The kick looked a little bit low. [Jorgensen is] a new kid fresh out of high school and thrown into that situation. He’ll have a week to work and be ready in case he’s the guy.”
On speaking with Adrian Martinez after Saturday’s game
“Anytime there is a message to get one of the players, they’re probably going to get it twice.  They’re probably going to get it from me and the position coach, maybe the coordinator too. I’ll ride with Adrian any time. My opinion of him hasn’t changed. My opinion of how great a football player he is hasn’t changed. We just need to make sure we’re prepared and we need to take advantage of opportunities by executing at a fast pace and consistent rate. I don’t think the entire offense did it Saturday, him included.”
On Adrian getting the message from coaches
“I’d say he got it at least twice but I don’t know if we had to even tell him. I think he’s determined.”
On Wan’Dale Robinson’s play last Saturday
“There [were] quite a few guys I wish we could have gotten the ball to more, but we couldn’t sustain drives, didn’t get a lot of our plays called on Saturday. Credit to [the South Alabama defense] again. When Wan’Dale [Robinson] did get the ball, he did a great job, so we’re going to keep looking for ways to get the ball in his hands.”