On a day marked by bad weather, the S-D-A golf team ended its season in Lincoln at the district tournament on the Hidden Valley Golf Course.
Lily Kastens finished 18th, while Caitlyn Carlson completed her day at the 20th spot. Both of the Rockets top players are juniors. Other finishers were Kirsten Schutz, 27th; Shaylee Staack, 29th; and Tessa Varney, 33rd.
Cold, rainy, and wind are all the elements that make a golf tournament difficult and it should be noted that S-D-A had two girls reord  top ten finishes on the Hidden Valley Golf Course a week ago.
Coach Sallie Agena said that last week her players did well. This time around, the weather won.
“The weather conditions took their toll on our players and they struggled with the conditions.”  Coach Agena said.
Even though the this was not the outcome the Rockets were looking for, Coach Agena said that after the tournament the players were already setting goals for next year.
Coach Agena was very pleased with all the support they received during the season.
“We would like to thank the support from the parents, the families of the golfers, the Syracuse Country Club, the students, and the staff of the S-D-A Schools throughout the season.”