As personal greed and an egregious lack of leadership from the Nebraska Governor’s office continues to obstruct any progress in property tax reform dialogue, there seems to be a massive resurrection of informational deficits at both the state and now at the national level.

Informational deficits and consequences arising from President Trumps tax reform bill and its possible devastating impact upon Nebraska’s biannual budget and local budgets could be large.  
In other words, a final instrument that represents an equal balance between the main three forms of revenue generation for the state of Nebraska; income, sales and property taxes under the current partisanship in our states’ legislature is highly unlikely.  
A glaring lack of vision, creation or offering of that awe-inspiring brilliant idea seems to be the one commonality inflicting a majority of Nebraska’s law makers at both the state and national level.  
They seem to possess only one narrow focused Pollyanna type conservative agenda of cutting taxes, cutting spending or obstructionism as the resolution to any current malady inflicting our state or nation.  
Hopefully this is due to a lack of intestinal will power and not staggering ignorance within the current majority party in our legislative body or national representatives.
It often appears as though public servants are elected because of their political party affiliation or the romance or grandeur of ones chosen life’s career such as a “black or white”,  objective, by the book military career; but not necessarily for their intellectual prowess.   
In any case, the extent of their intellectual prowess becomes questionable when academic facts and tested hypothesis are presented only to have them recognized as personal opinions then ignored to favor a partisan ideology.   
The recent attempt by the three Ricketts minions; Senators Erdman, Brewer and Halloran to gain attention by disenfranchising the University of Nebraska for alleging treating conservatives with hostilities, in my opinion, is the result of the law makers toxic personal opinions or negative labels born from political dogma, environment where they lived or a life’s career which limited educational experiences and opportunities.
Likewise, lacking the ability to release an awe-inspiring idea or agenda apparently is the inspiration for Nebraska’s Second Congressional Districts Carpetbagger Don Bacon’s continued release of television commercials seeking aggrandization for how he is fighting for middle-class Nebraskans’.  
Remember the Lincoln Journal Stars sports writer Steven M. Sipple’s comment, “Good leaders don’t have to tell you when they are being good leaders”.
To overcome this weakness and acquired stubbornness or bullheadedness, opposing information must be presented in a factually and unified manner using orator skills few possess, or as we used to say, take a 2 X 4 and hit them on the side of the head to get their undivided attention.
Offered as examples, Barack Obama, like him or not, is extremely intelligent and as an eloquent orator, he often created those awe-inspiring moments.   
I feel that Obama is often discredited because he possessed talents which captured the full unabated attention of his listeners.   
It is obvious that President Donald Trump, possessing a narcissistic personality, is so overwhelmed with jealousy of a man who possesses such exemplary talent, cannot stop desecrating Obama or proceed quickly enough to eliminate any remnants of Obama’s administration.  
Likewise, Colin Kaepernick, the NFL quarterback that took a knee during the playing of our National Anthem, must have been a marketing major during his undergraduate days.  
He obviously knew that if he attempted to voice his concerns using a venue or platform other than a national televised NFL football game, absolutely no one would have listened.
Had he used a different venue or vehicle, to the liking of his apparent racist detractors, nothing would have happened.  
The media would not have given him one inch of coverage.   
In other words, he hit them in the side of the head with a 2 X 4 and got their undivided attention.
Kaepernick’s choice of venue or platform was brilliant.
He got the attention of everyone in the United States including politicians who previously ignored minority voices to favor their major donors.  
Yes, the ultra-conservative and nationalist are being consumed with anger that he obtained extraordinary attention for something he had such passion for.  
So angry are these individuals that they literally speak of violating the Constitution’s first amendment guaranteeing freedom of speech and peaceful assembly to keep him quiet.  

Luckily, those in academics, even though they are frequently referenced as communist or socialist for utilizing critical thinking and academic freedom in their classrooms, support him because they are quite familiar with the need to obtain the full attention of the listener to facilitate or be a catalyst to change in ideologies’, habits or behaviors.
Senator Ernie Chambers is a classic example of one who possess the ability to gain the full unabated attention of his listeners.  
Again, angered, weaker and unqualified senators are so intimidated by Senator Chambers extreme intellect, vocabulary, use of analogies, and recitation of poetry they flounder hopelessly offering no recourse other than to attempt to oust him from his seat in the Nebraska legislature.
The most iconic performer today to command the full unabated attention of his fan base is Garth Brooks.  
His stage presence is incomparable. He, to engage the audience, exhibits and utilizes emotion, fan involvement, obvious love for music and body language.
He leaves everything he has on the stage. In return the audience gives him 100 percent of themselves.  
Just witnessing his performances leaves one emotionally exhausted and totally spent. He is phenomenal.
Or, when an Ohio State football player, who had just screwed up on the kickoff team, returned to the sidelines.  Urban Meyers eyes told it all.  Urban Meyer had the full unabated attention of the player!
Nebraska’s highly decorated defensive tackle Jason Peter has often stated that after holding the opposing team and forcing a punt, upon leaving the playing field you never made eye contact with the then defensive coordinator, Charlie McBride.  If you did, Charlie McBride while being a “daisy” would create an awe-inspiring moment by giving you an earful just for good measure.  Now that is getting your attention while gaining respect and a behavioral modification that produces winners!  That’s hitting them in the side of the head with a 2 X 4 and getting their undivided attention.