Just a few days ago it looked like indeed we were going to have a brown Christmas. No snow on the weather map to be seen.
Well, this is still Nebraska and in my neck of the woods, it is indeed a white Christmas!
I don’t plan to go sledding or skiing, but I will admit it is very beautiful to look at!
I didn’t go to early church yesterday morning – Christmas Eve – but I did have to pick up something later in the afternoon.
I hadn’t looked outside at my car but thought I would start it with the remote starter so it would be warm.
When I stepped outside I thought I would croak. There was at least a five inch blanket on the entire car! I could see easily a half hour of brushing before I could get going.
The son of a couple of my friends that live here was brushing off their car. He asked me “I hope you started that car from inside – because if you didn’t we’ve got a busy ghost around here.”
He was kind enough to brush off my car too. His brush was unusual – Santa’s hat! Just goes to show that Nebraskans are versatile in any situation.
I needed to bake one more batch of banana bread this morning. Somehow, it disappears like magic around here. You would think I should know the recipe by heart but in my defense, I used a lot of different recipes recently.
When I put the recipe book back, of course, the whole pile tumbled out. As I picked them up, I thought maybe there are some I really don’t need any more.
Yep – I don’t think I will probably use the one that makes Pizza Burgers for 50. It came in real handy for the 4-H club meetings when all of the family used to come.
Probably don’t need Mrs. Knosp’s punch recipe for 100 either. Oh well, it was a good one and maybe someone in the family will like it.
My eclipse watching glasses were in that pile, too. I’ll give them away to anyone that would like to have them for the next total eclipse! Don’t plan to be around in 60 or so years.
Perhaps I’ll sort out those recipes next year. It sounds like a resolution I probably wouldn’t keep. Throwing one away would sort of be like tossing out a friend!
The only resolution I will keep is one that I would do anyway – like finding some fun in life. An Unknown Author said this “The average person living to age 70 has 613,620 hours of life. This is too long a period not to have fun.” Add to that my extra 16 and a half years and that is a lot of hours. I’m not going to waste any more of them!
Fun and a positive attitude will be my mantra this year of 2018.Add to that a common hope for peace – within ourselves, with our beloved family and friends and of course – on a bigger scale – the world.
High hopes, I know. I’m going to have to work on a positive attitude to help me with that goal.
 I’ll have to ask myself some thought provoking questions. “Did I bring a smile to someone today? Did I sow a tiny seed of love to bear fruit now and in the life to come? Did I show forgiveness instead of anger at a slight?  
No resolutions – just high hopes! Happy New Year to You!