When I left Lincoln on Saturday morning there was just a flake or two of snow in the air.
I was going to the annual Christmas gathering at my church in Murdock.
The weatherman had told me that we wouldn’t be getting much, “if any” snow, so I drove on confidently.
By the time I had gone just a few miles I wondered if it might not be wise to turn around and go back to Lincoln.
But I listened to my heart – not my head and continued on.
When the good meal had been consumed, the visiting and program over, I went out into a true winter wonderland.
It was a snow the child within me loved and the adult me wished would go away!
Indeed, the snow was very pretty. The flakes were big and I thought that always meant it wouldn’t last long.
I buzzed right on past our farm where I knew I would be assured of a safe, warm place to stay and thought about Miss Priss, my cat that would worry and wonder where I was.
She chose to ignore me when I returned from Thanksgiving. She got over that when her food bowl was empty!
Luckily, there wasn’t a lot of traffic and I made it back to my usual parking spot without incident.
As the snow began to pile up, I thought maybe Santa wouldn’t have to use his 4-wheeler after all.
He had better get old Rudolph and the rest of the gang in gear!
Oh, to be a child again and have faith that all of your Christmas wishes would be granted by that jolly old man with white whiskers and wearing a red and white suit!
There was one time in my childhood that Santa delivered my presents to me personally.
I was surprised he had lost so much weight since I told him about my wishes in Gold’s department store.
He was tall and really quite thin. I knew hew had really been working hard to get everything finished before Christmas Eve. He actually sounded a lot like my neighbor, Bill Atchison.
His burlap sack with my gifts inside was just like the chicken feed sack we got from Orlie Clement’s Mill.
I was so thrilled I couldn’t even talk (imagine that!). There were so many things in that sack.
One was a beautiful patchwork robe. There were books, new socks, a new dress and a tablet (paper, that is) and Christmas pencils! I couldn’t believe it!
I just knew that my grandparents would be so excited to see what Santa had brought me when we went to their house for Christmas dinner.
When the presents were distributed – I was disappointed. There wasn’t one single thing for me.
Santa had gathered up everything and brought it to me the night before. How could he do that, I wondered, but of course, Santa Claus can do anything!